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The Designers


Gary is one of Australia’s most innovative and original jewellery designers. His bespoke designs suit the individual who cares to project an image of individual finesse making him a very highly renowned Australian designer. His studio/workshop is based in the heart of Sydney CBD on Bridge Street. 

Gary designs handmade individual jewellery working with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones, using smooth lines to create unique pieces – substantial in character yet practical. Gary has many unique jewellery pieces available for purchase in the studio or would be happy to create a one off design for you. 

Gary’s bold and imaginative creations have won many prestigious design awards including the highly coveted De Beers Diamond Facets Award in 1995, Harper’s Bazaar Diamond Guild of Australia, 2007, Harpers Bazaar again in 2011 and won the 2017 bridal category for the JDA awards. 

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hugh thyregod


Hugh Thyregod has worked as a jeweller in the family business GARY THYREGOD for over 5 years. Hugh completed a Jewellery apprenticeship at the Design Centre in Enmore in 2016, and since then has developed into a very good competent Jeweller. He is always looking to improve his knowledge and skill set by working in challenging new environments. Hugh has just returned from working overseas at  Marianne Dulong Jewellery in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, he has brought back new skills into the Sydney studio which are used on an international scale.

Hugh puts a lot of pride into his work, and has won a few awards already over the past few years. His greatest achievement to date is winning the 2017 Jewellers Association of Australia apprentice of the year award.

Hugh is interested in studying Gemmology in the near future, and has a keen interest in making jewellery consisting of Mokume-gane, a Japanese metalworking procedure which produces beautiful layered patterns which are quite distinctive and unusual. 



Most of the jewellery created at GARY THYREGOD JEWELLERY never make it to our display cabinets because they are specially custom made for the individual client. Many people find it hard to find an original piece of jewellery that reflects their own personal style or budget. This is why we have created a bespoke custom made service which provides beautiful jewellery to fit anyones personal taste. Scroll down to read all about how this creative process works. 


Our online store means that you can purchase jewellery through this website and get your piece delivered to you. Click here to start shopping. 


If you are looking at updating an unworn or inherited piece of jewellery, we can transform it into a piece which holds your own personal style yet looks stylish and can be enjoyed. Click here to make any enquires regarding remodelling.


If you need a piece of jewellery valued, either made by GARY THYREGOD JEWELLERY, or sourced from elsewhere, we provide the service of valuing the jewellery in house. The pricing starts at $60, depending on the age of the piece. An independent valuation can be arranged by one of our registered valuers with the charge starting at $150. 


GARY THYREGOD JEWELLERY offers a fine jewellery repairs service. We can quote the price of the repair once we have seen the piece and evaluated it. We will suggest the best solution and quote you accordingly. Fine jewellery repairs take a minimum of two weeks to complete. Please enquire here for any repair jobs.

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How does our bespoke service


Here is our step to step guide​ to having a unique piece of jewellery made for you.



At GARY THYREGOD JEWELLERY, we have a lovely selection of gemstones available for you to choose from in our studio, or we are happy to source a selection of gemstones from elsewhere to ensure you are choosing one which is perfect for you. If you already have your own existing gemstone, this can be used also. 

Once you have your perfect gemstone, the design stage can begin to create a beautiful piece of jewellery.



Once you have your gemstone, you will have a consultation with Gary to discuss your design ideas and your personal taste. Gary will then be able to start sketching and bring your ideas to life. Gary has showcase cabinets of finished jewellery pieces that you may be asked to try on, to get a sense of what you like if you aren't too sure on which style suits you. You will also discuss your thoughts on which materials you would like. At GARY THYREGOD JEWELLERY, we think this initial stage of bringing together your ideas shouldn't be rushed, and it may take more than one consultation to gather all of your ideas and to come up with a design which suits you. 


Once you are completely satisfied with your design, GARY THYREGOD JEWELLERY will ask you to approve it and pay a deposit. Once this has all been approved, the custom made piece will begin production. Please ask Gary about the production time of your piece as all of our custom made jewellery is different. To create a piece of jewellery which will last for generations takes time and requires expert hand making skills by a professional. This is why the usual minimum time period is 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design. 


Collect and adore your original custom made piece hand crafted by GARY THYREGOD JEWELLERY!


News & Articles

Glittering prizes for Oatley jeweller and his son 

Sept 15, 2017

It’s been a month of glittering prizes at the Thyregod household in Oatley. Jeweller Gary Thyregod has just won the 2017 Awards for bridal category for a wedding ring made of gold and diamonds...

Jewellery industry's finest talents recognised

Sept 5, 2017

Australia and New Zealand’s most talented jewellers have been celebrated at two lavish design award events in Sydney. Winners of the inaugural Jewellery Design Awards (JDA) and the Jewellers...

World class winners at Diamond Guild Awards Harpers Bazaar 

Oct 25, 2011

There were over 120 entrants at this year’s Diamond Guild awards with the winners being of international standard. The Diamond Guild of Australia (DGA) announced its...

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